Listening to your needs and building your capacity.

The People Group's approach to client engagements ensures that we tailor a solution to your unique situation. Our people-first mantra is informed by a cross-sector, systems perspective combining theory and practice. We facilitate people and organizations through critical discussions using methods and processes that engage all voices. We provide a neutral, third-party viewpoint to guide critical dialogue in a people-first environment that allows all parties to participate. The People Group's operating philosophy is that the best ideas emerge when everybody is afforded an opportunity to be involved in critical decisions facing organizations and communities. We facilitate you through a process that achieves the change you seek.

The People Group Methodology

We utilize the ADDIE instructional design process (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation) to create, implement, and review client engagements. This process ensures people-input in crafting solutions to pressing issues. The flexibility of ADDIE lends itself to a range of engagements from one-off facilitation to multi-organizational collaboration - and everything in-between.

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We review relevant materials including reports, resources, and research to understand the context. We develop a set of questions to involve key stakeholder groups ensuring buy-in around the engagement purpose, goals, and outcomes. This stakeholder involvement occurs through online surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews.


Based on the Analysis phase of work, we create a framework for the engagement. This includes the ideas and practices needed to organize the engagement including content (what we will do), methods (how we will do it), resources (people and other capacity required), and rationale (why we are doing what we are doing).


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We sequence the design based on ideal flow for the engagement. This provides structure for the engagement - a sequence and schedule for effectiveness. In addition, specific activities and content are developed in preparation for implementation.


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We facilitate and manage all relevant aspects of the engagement. This involves creating materials and preparing people involved in the engagement.


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We design and administer an evaluation to measure impact of the engagement. In addition, we use various methods to capture immediate feedback and make adjustments throughout the engagement.